What Divorcing Parents Must Know About Child Custody 

Deciding on child custody can be heartwrenching—make sure you understand how to protect the best interests of your kids

Free Divorcing Parents’ Handbook for Understanding NY Child Custody

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Make sure you know how the process works so you can effectively protect your kids

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At WhitsonLaw, we are focused on empowering and helping our clients get through difficult times in their lives. We provide family law solutions for clients throughout Upstate New York, including Essex, Clinton, and Warren counties as well as Albany and its outlying counties. We are creative problem solvers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We work together with our clients from day one to develop settlement strategies that reduce conflict, stress, and cost so that they can get back to being happy much sooner.

No part of a divorce is easy—but it doesn’t get much harder than figuring out how to handle child custody with your former partner. It’s hard on you, and it’s even harder on your kids. The best thing you can do to protect them is to understand how the process works so you can start building a plan to ease the burden on your kids as much as possible. 

That’s why we developed this handbook—to teach parents what to expect and provide practical steps that will help them prepare for what comes next.

This free guide explains:

The different types of child custody

What courts consider when making a decision

How to create a fair plan

Ways to change a custody plan

The worst thing you can do is approach a child custody situation blind. Fill out the form on this page to receive instant access to our free child custody handbook today. 

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